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Fill this form out if you want to play at The Milestone. We respond to all emails, but we get a lot of them, so please be patient! .

We ONLY book shows via email and this form. Everything on this form is sent to both Wyley Buck ( and Jon Hughes ( To be considered, make sure to include your band name and a link to your website and music (Facebook, Bandcamp, etc.). If you make it easy to hear your music, it'll be easier to consider you for a show. We generally book 2-3 months in advance, with little short notice availability. Before emailing, please make sure whatever date you are interested in is available by checking the website. However, do note that just because a date is not listed on the website does not mean it is available.

If you’re touring and new to the area, it is very helpful if you have already contacted some local bands about playing with you before reaching out. We will do our best to help everyone we book but it cannot be guaranteed that we can fill a show for you.

We do not have any backline at The Milestone. You should plan to bring your instruments, amps, etc. We do provide a professional sound engineer and the most powerful sound system in the state. If you book a show at The Milestone, it is generally good to not play anywhere else in town within two weeks before or after your show. This will ensure the best experience possible for everyone and provide you with the best turnout. PROMOTE! Getting booked is less than half of a successful show. We aren’t a restaurant, sports bar, etc., so we don’t have any sort of built in crowd. If you are booked, it is assumed you will work to bring people to the show. If you send us a poster, we will print it. We can hang them or you can hang them. You know your crowd better than we do so be sure to advertise through all of your available channels. Let's create an experience together.

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